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To make this day a special moment we offer 5 fully customizable options to best meet your needs:

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Organizing your wedding takes time and discipline. An omission may happen quickly and annoys you on the very day. Preparing your wedding  or a relative’s one, you may find yourself facing  an unexpected situation, or some questions.
It's for these reasons that we have developed the option "Just one look".
It can advise you and help you in your efforts, while allowing you to control the organization.

You can contact use either by email or phone. After this meeting we shall plan our meeting. This can be done in our office, at home or in another place of your choice. It will enable our Wedding Planner to find your project, as well as issues that may arise.
Following this, we can fix our solutions and advice to the organization you wish.

Then we can offer you the solutions you expect or simply provide you with "extras" that you may not have considered. If a few tips that we have known from our experience, are in line with your project, we will submit them to you.
Think of every possible detail and different situations is not easy. Consequently, for these reasons that we are here to help you and guide you.

In addition, focusing on the complete organization of your wedding, you might forget small items with their importance : gifts for the guests, plans to go to the reception, the color code for clothes...
These are details that seem unimportant but can be very useful on the D-Day.

When all the details have been reviewed and we have answered all your questions, we study together the schedule of your event, so you don't get stuck with time.
This schedule will go along with you from beginning to end and you will use it as a reference.

After your wedding, we will get in touch with you again to know how it went

After your wedding, we will get in touch with you again to know how it went. This will allow us to have your feelings, but also to feed our visitor's book you can view.

Specialized in organizing weddings in the Var and the Ile-de-France, we can validate a single planning each wedding and adapted to their request.

You can then organize, without fear, your own wedding with the assurance of the result you expect.

Option advice : minimum 2h

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